Based in Brazil, Radiating to Latin America – CAOA Chery Re-Exports Tiggo 2 to Paraguay

9 June 2020

The pilot re-export marks the beginning of the first batch of export in MERCOSUR

CAOA CHERY started today (June 5) the export of vehicles manufactured in Brazil to the Mercosur countries. In this first phase, 10 units of Tiggo 2 were sent to Paraguay. The model was chosen because it meets the requirements of the Paraguayan consumer, who wants cars with an attractive design, excellent drive ability, excellent cost-benefit and for complying with vehicle legislation established by the government of that country.

Since the creation of the CAOA CHERY brand in 2018, the company has set itself the goal of being a vehicle export hub for Mercosur. “Today we are well structured to put this strategy into action,” says Marcio Alfonso, CEO of CAOA CHERY. “It is worth mentioning that Chery has been present in Paraguay for many years, but this is the first time that CAOA CHERY exports to the country,” he adds.

According to the executive, the expectation is to gradually increase the number of exported models and reach other countries in Mercosur and Latin America. “The objective is to expand our presence in other countries in 2020 and thus create an export profile for our brand”, comments Alfonso.

Tiggo 2

Equipped with a 1.5 flex engine, the Tiggo 2 is a high performance small SUV. With the upgrading of equipment, performance and design are further improved. There are manual and automatic transmission, as well as high configuration, low configuration and other versions for consumers to choose.


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