Chery Is Striving to Weave a Global Network for Quality Control

18 December 2020

The 45th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC 2020) was recently held in Bangladesh. Chery’s team for QC optimization won the highest international QC award for a fourth time for the “Chinese team” during the “Olympics” of the QC circles. Before this, Chery won the highest award during the 42nd convention in the Philippines, the 43rd convention in Singapore, and the 45th convention in Japan. All these have made Chery one of the auto companies that have won the most ICQCC gold awards in China’s auto industry.

Chery’s team for QC optimization won the Platinum Award during the ICQCC

Winning the highest award of the “Olympics” of the QC circles four times can be attributed to Chery’s global quality control system as well as its many years’ adherence to the vision of “creating an outstanding brand with craftsmanship” and the philosophy of “placing customers first and taking the initiative to shoulder responsibilities.” The enterprise inspires the participation of all its staff in improving product quality, forging the “craftsman’s spirit,” and promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise.

The global quality control system sets a global quality standard

After many years’ accumulation and strategic transformation, Chery boasts a deeper understanding of quality: A brand relies on quality, and quality relies on a system.

Building a system is like weaving a “net.” Every node on the net should be predictable, detectable and controllable. Only this way can uncertainties be minimized to ensure the reliability and consistency of quality. Instead of acting separately, various business divisions should work together to complete projects by integrating professional technology platforms as well as different divisions and product lines via a matrix control system, and finally form a collective system by bringing together individual capabilities.

With many years’ experience in technical innovation and quality control, Chery has established a quality control system that satisfies its global factories. Having been applied and improved by 10 Chery factories around the globe, the system has finally become Chery’s global quality control system, which covers product planning, design and development, supplier management, manufacturing, marketing services and other areas and keeps improving product quality.

Chery has established a “V” shaped forward development system, which complies with international standards and lays a solid foundation for the creation of high-quality products and the building of an outstanding brand. In addition, Chery has established the Chery Production System (CPS), a globally standardized production management system, among independent self-owned brands, which further ensures the quality of Chery’s products around the globe.

The superior product quality has also helped Chery win trust and build a good reputation on global markets. In Russia, Chile and other countries, Chery has been recognized as “the most popular Chinese autobrand” for many times. In addition, Chery has been listed among the “top 20 Chinese enterprises” for five consecutive times.

Craftsmanship Makes a Brand Stand Out and All Staff Participate in Quality Improvement

In addition to the powerful system, Chery couldn’t have won the highest international QC award continuously without the participation of all its staff in quality improvemen.

Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, believes that quality control is a systematical project that not only involves the top leaders, but also requires the participation of all the staff. Therefore, the key to quality improvement lies in the people. What Chery needs to do is to instill the sense of quality into the mind of every one of its staff and the gene of the brand, place tremendous emphasis on quality, and make Chery become the representative of Chinese brands.

Today, the “global quality control system” involves all Chery’s staff in quality improvement. Every product must be strictly tested and constantly improved before being launched on the market. According to the latest data of the initial quality study (IQS) released by J. D. Power in 2020, the score of Chery parallels that of the joint venture brands, with Tiggo and Arrizo performing the best. Among them, Arrizo 5 is the only Chinese sedan model on the list.

Meanwhile, the reliable product quality has also helped boost Chery’s sales growth. According to statistics, Chery Group sold 101,900 vehicles in November, up 15.9% on a month-to-month basis and 36.4% on a year-to-year basis, setting new historical records. Among them, Chery Automobile sold 64,574 vehicles, increasing by 18.3% on a month-to-month basis and 52% on a year-to-year basis. Year-on-year and month-on-month growth has been maintained for the past six months.

As China is vigorously implementing the “National Quality Strategy,” enterprises are beginning to establish their own quality control systems. The highest ICQCC award won by Chery’s QC team will not only enhance the core competitiveness of Chery Automobile, but will also make all its staff more enthusiastic about quality improvement. It is believed that Chery will win more international awards with the support of its “global quality control system in the future.

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