Chery Sells Nearly 100,000 Units in January, Up 80.2% Year on Year

20 February 2021

After achieving record monthly sales in 2020, Chery Holding Group maintained its momentum at the beginning of 2021 with sales of 97,060 units in January, up 80.2% year on year, including exports of 16,723 units, up 86.7% year on year and new energy vehicle sales of 7,381 units, up 559.6% year on year.

Chery’s Tiggo 8 series and Arrizo series both maintained sales of over 10,000 units. Tiggo 8 contributed 20,330 units, exceeding 20,000 units for the third straight year. Arrizo 8 registered sales of 10,193 units in January. Driven by the electric SUV-Ant and the mini electric SUV-Little Ant, Chery’s new energy passenger vehicle sector achieved sales of 6,705 units, up 570.5% year on year.

With the advancement of its globalization strategy, Chery has not only achieved domestic growth amid the industrial slump, but also kept making breakthroughs abroad and maintained the sound situation in which domestic operations and international operations promoted each other. On the basis of securing the lead among Chinese passenger vehicle exporters for the 18th straight year with exports of 114,000 units in 2020, Chery exported 16,723 units in January 2021, up 86.7% year on year. Chery’s passenger vehicles, represented New Tiggo 8, enjoyed great popularity in Europe and South America, with exports of 14,520 units in 14,520 units, up 82% year on year.

To date Chery has had 9.25 million customers worldwide. With its persistent efforts on product, channel and brand development, Chery’s sales will continue to rise in 2021.

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