Chery sets new global sales record

15 May 2023

Chery sold a record 126 713 vehicles in April.

This number includes both domestic and international sales. It is an impressive 128% higher than the same month last year and it pushes Chery’s global sales to 457 048 vehicles in the first quarter of 2023.

Looking closely at the April sales, it is clear that the Tiggo Pro range is driving much of Chery’s global success.

In April, the Tiggo 7 Pro sold 18 715 units and the Tiggo 8 Pro was delivered to 15 307 customers.
The Tiggo Pro range is just as popular in South Africa. Here, Chery sells the Tiggo 4 Pro, the Tiggo 7 Pro and the Tiggo 8 Pro(Including Tiggo8Pro Max). Together these models have found a new record of 5389 new homes to date.

“Chery is now firmly established as a Top 10 passenger vehicle brand in South Africa, a mere 18 months after selling its first car in the country.

“While all the Tiggo Pro models are selling ahead of our sales targets, it is the Tiggo 4 Pro that has become the most popular model. Its affordable entry price and complete list of creature comforts has made it one of the top 10 best-selling passenger vehicles in South Africa,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Group South Africa.

Chery continues to grow, both in terms of sales and in popularity. This was particularly evident at the Shanghai Auto Show, where Chery welcomed over 1 000 guests from more than 80 countries and regions where it sells vehicles.

Liu and his team from Chery in South Africa also hosted South African dealers and journalists in Shanghai.

“We had the opportunity to show our guests the true breadth of Chery’s operations in China and across the globe. For instance, we shared with guests how Chery has over 12 million owners in virtually every continent across the world. We also shared how in China alone, Chery has applied for close to 21 000 technical patents of which 13 153 have already been awarded.”

Many of the Chery patents relate to its proprietary engine and electric vehicle technology. Chery has stated previously that it will develop a complete range of engines, electric drives and even hydrogen systems and the platforms that will allow the company to use these technologies interchangeably.

In Shanghai, the focus was on a new generation of Chery new energy vehicles (NEVs). Chery not only showcased some of its newest electric and plug-in hybrid models, but also publicly committed to developing a complete industrial supply chain for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles.

“Chery’s rapid technological advancements hold great promise for South Africa. We are not only a fast-growing market for the Chery Group, but we have the opportunity to support our neighbouring countries with Chery vehicles and technology. The future is truly bright for Chery South Africa,” says Liu.

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