Chery to unveil New Energy, New Eco, New Era at Beijing Auto Show

8 April 2024

Chery – China’s biggest vehicle exporter and a global technology leader – will unveil the next phase of its rapidly advancing technology at this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

The Beijing Auto Show is scheduled for 25 to 30 April at the Beijing International Exhibition Centre in China’s capital city. The show has evolved from humble roots as a national motor show in 1990 to the largest and arguably the most influential new vehicle and auto industry show in the world, and Chery is once again taking the centre stage.

“New energy vehicles (NEVs) are the talk of the town in Beijing and Chery is getting ready to wow visitors with the fourth generation of its QPower platform. While the platform is designed for zero emission vehicles, it also accommodates low emission internal combustion engines, hybrid models and hydrogen power, making it truly groundbreaking,” says Tony Liu, Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Liu and a group of South African dealers will join the global dealer conference that is scheduled to be held alongside the Beijing Auto Show. Chery will host media and dealers from across its global network at the show and conference to share the exciting news about the QPower platform and launch a number of new vehicles.

To capture the importance of the show and dealer conference, Chery has coined the phrase “New Energy, New Eco, New Era”.

According to Liu, the rise of new energy vehicles has forever changed the trajectory of automobile manufacturing.

This green revolution has seen the global sales of new energy vehicles (NEV) surge to 14.6 million units in 2023 with an expectancy that it will surpass 18 million units in 2024.

Chery expects the growth to accelerate further as it, and other global leaders, address factors such as range anxiety, governments’ eagerness to bolster NEV adoption with policy incentives as well as consumers’ heightened conservation and energy sensitivities.

Returning to the new QPower platform, Chery has hinted at next-generation performance from its hybrid and EV versions that have previously been considered impossible. For instance, Chery will show in Beijing how its new hybrid models will use advances in ICE and EV technology to deliver a fuel range of over 1 400 km per tank.

Add to this an average fuel consumption of only 4.2 litres / 100 km and a tested acceleration figure of only 4.26 seconds to 100 km/h from standstill.

To achieve these incredible numbers Chery engineers combined its know-how across all technologies. For instance, the new hybrid models use two electric motors for rapid acceleration, but also to double energy harvesting when coasting.

At the same time, the ICE part of the hybrid system has a thermal efficiency rate of 44.5%, giving it better performance per litre of fuel than nearly any other combustion engine in a hybrid or traditional vehicle.

“At Beijing, we will show how Chery is combining these rapid advancements in green technology with advancements in self-driving, artificial intelligence and smarter human-vehicle interfaces,” says Liu.

These advancements include new cockpit technology that gives meaning to the concept of making a car the owner’s “third living space” and using artificial intelligence to pair different manufacturing facilities to roll out new environmentally friendly innovations in real time and turn these factories into zero emission and zero-defect “super factories”.

“We invite our Chery family and fans of the brand to watch the news as we unveil the next generation of vehicles with the promise that these technologies will not only be a showpiece, but form the heart of our new models, both in China and here in South Africa,” says Liu.

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