Chery’s Monthly Sales Exceed 100,000 Units

18 December 2020

Chery Group has recently released its sales results for November, reporting sales of 101,900 units, up 15.9% month on month and up 36.4% year on year, registering a record high in terms of monthly sales and growth in recent years. Chery reported sales of 64,574 units, up 18.3% month on month and up 52% year on year, registering year-on-year and month-on-month growth for the sixth consecutive month.

Chery achieved year-on-year and month-on-month sales growth, as well as record monthly sales amid the overall market slump, showing its results in strategic transformation: accelerating product upgrading, empowering innovative channels, improving brand experience, greatly enhancing core competitiveness and taking the preemptive opportunity in the fast-changing market.

Accelerating product upgrading through system empowerment

Chery has achieved brilliant results, which is benefited by system improvement after strategic transformation. Empowered by the system, Chery has kept accelerating product upgrading and achieved significant effects. Since the beginning of this year, Chery has launched new products faster and further improved its capacity for segment radiation through a broad product spectrum and more targeted production positioning, thus greatly enhancing its market competitiveness.

Take Tiggo 8 for example: Tiggo 8 has kept upgrading to meet market changes and consumers’ expectations since its launch. In 2018, Chery launched Tiggo 8 featuring intelligence and a flexible layout of 5+2 seats, which fast gained market recognition. In 2019, Chery launched new Tiggo 8 powered by a 1.6TGDI engine to meet consumers’ need for higher power performance. The sales of Tiggo 8 topped 20,000 units to reach 20,677 units, up 52.6% year on year and up 26.1% month on month.

Driven by Tiggo 8, the Tiggo series registered record sales of 47,565 units in November, up 75% year on year and up 16.9% month on month!

Deepening “new retail” and tapping new customer needs through innovative channel empowerment

To tap new customer needs, extend the business chain, improve vehicle transaction efficiency, further occupy the market, accelerate channel sinking and reach more potential consumers, Chery has further accelerated new retail operations, integrated resources such as finance, loan and insurance, developed self-operated and cooperative channels, and brought inbound marketing, sales, finance and other scenarios online by technical means, to create a digital new retail platform. In the meantime, Chery has established product big data models, customized products, and conducted online and offline inbound marketing through multi-antenna information extension and multi-scenario sales.

Conducting interactive marketing through brand experience upgrading

Aside from products and channels, Chery’s record sales have been attributable to brand experience upgrading. Based on its insight into new consumption groups and marketing forms, Chery has further strengthened the “virtual connection” between brands and customers, initially created a content platform including super IP, super contents and super customers, and offered customers individualized, customized and diversified brand “connection” services through the intelligent distribution and tracking of big data.

Brand experience upgrading has further driven the growth of Chery’s customers. According to the latest data, the number of Chery’s global customers has exceeded 8.9 million, Chery’s customer groups are getting younger and the proportion of customers under the age of 30 is rising. In the future, Chery will continue to advance brand upgrading and promote brand development.

2020 is a challenging year, as well as a year of success in strategic transformation for Chery. Under the dual pressure of the economic downturn and the market downturn, Chery has achieved breakthroughs in products, channels and brands. With the persistent upgrading of products, channels and brands, Chery is believed to give us more surprises at the end of 2020.

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