Independence, High End, Global Recognition: EXEED Shows “Chinese Strength” in Russia

2 November 2020

EXEED TXL, an all-scenario super five-star SUV, was launched in Russia on October 22, 2020. As an independent premium brand, EXEED has built products up to international standards with global vision to deliver quality Chinese products to the world. The launch of EXEED TXL in Russia marks the start of EXEED’s new journey of globalization.

EXEED TXL was launched in Russia on October 22 to kick off a new journey of globalization for Chinese premium auto brands

EXEED causes panic buying in Russia, shows new height of China’s auto industry

EXEED intended to enter Russia early and won the “2020 Breakthrough Award” in the selection of “Models of the Year”, a Russian national auto award in September 2020. The honor shows consumers’ recognition of EXEED’s R&D strength and product platform.

EXEED won the “2020 Breakthrough Award” in the selection of “Models of the Year” in Russia

Newly-launched EXEED TXL will target male consumers with strong mind and on the career rise in Russia’s medium & high-end auto market. The model was highly recognized by Russian consumers and caused panic buying upon launch for its ultra-long 2,800mm wheel base, luxury craftsmanship and persistently outstanding quality in extreme cold.

EXEED TXL is recognized by Russian consumers

EXEED aims to deliver globally competitive products, all-scenario super five-star EXEED TXL conquers Russian consumers

EXEED aims to deliver globally competitive products based on Chery’s top international R&D team and 23 years of mature experience in auto manufacturing.

EXEED TXL launched in Russia comes in two four-wheel-drive variants. The standard five-seat configuration, combined with “super five-star” safety, intelligence, space, exterior and quality, offers Russian consumers a premium mobility experience beyond expectation, and shows the model’s outstanding manufacturing strength and solid process quality. With the five-star + safety DNA of the EXEED brand, the model is a premium intelligent vehicle defining global quality.

EXEED TXL flaunts solid process quality and super luxury intelligent tech configurations

Over the decades, China’s auto industry has forged ahead to achieve breakthrough and go global. The launch of EXEED TXL in Russia marks a new step of Chinese premium brands in globalization. EXEED will continue to develop and lead Chinese premium brands in delivering more popular Chinese products to global consumers.

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