Stories of Chery Users | Chery TIGGO8 Helps Me out in Pandemic Period

6 May 2020

Many people have realized the importance of owning a private car during the pandemic period. Without a car, it would be difficult to purchase life necessities or even go out. As the flagship product of Chery, TIGGO8 has become the priority choice of many family users, who are attracted by the large space and robust power of the model. Today, the users of TIGGO8 join us to reveal why this model is worth owning.

Q: When did you want to buy a car of your own?

A: I preferred taking a taxi or renting a car because it costs much less than owning my own car. However, in the pandemic period, I realized the many inconveniences of not having my own car. So I have the strong desire to purchase one.

Q: Why did you choose to buy TIGGO8 of Chery?

A: Chery products are quite famous. I learned from many friends that they have wonderful experience of driving or riding in Chery products such as TIGGO3 and TIGGO7. When selecting the vehicle, I considered my family size and the vehicle price at the same time. After making online inquiries and visiting the 4S shop, I was greatly attracted by the super-large space of TIGGO8 and the first-class feeling of its luxurious trimmings.

Q: What changes do you think have happened to your life after buying the car?

A: Before buying the car, I thought it was easy to take a taxi or rent a car. However, such approach did result in busy commune hours and inconvenience in leisure time. After buying my own car, life has become easier. I don’t have to hurry to take a taxi in rush hours; I can take my family on weekend picnic; and my life scenarios are linked in a comfortable way. During the pandemic period, I was freed from infection concerns that might be brought by taking the public transport.

Q: Well, the new car does help with your life. What do you think of the quality of TIGGO8?

A: Chery vehicles have reliable quality. In particular, as the latest flagship product of Chery, TIGGO8 has complete functions and configurations. In addition to the fascinating appearance, the model also has first-class quality in its trimmings, rapid accelerating response and strong back-push feeling. And it is most featured by the large space and robust power. As the seven-seat model, TIGGO8 has large trunk space reaching 1,930L after the back seats are laid down. The engine produces robust power with 37.1% thermal efficiency and 8.3L/100km fuel consumption.

Q: As a matter of fact, it is important for a family car to be practical and comfortable. What is the performance of TIGGO8 in configurations?

A: TIGGO8 configurations are more than its worth. But its smart bracelet brings us the greatest surprise. It can lock/unlock the vehicle and start the engine in the remote way, which works like a key. Nowadays, I only take this smart bracelet to drive the car, feeling much more convenient. Moreover, the model also has 10.25-inch console screen, panoramic reverse HD image and other practical functions, which are reliable and trustworthy. In a word, the model is more than worth the price because it improves life quality without bringing evident financial burdens.

Q: If possible, would you recommend TIGGO8 to your family members or friends?

A: Definitely yes. Among the same-class vehicles, TIGGO8 of Chery is the priority choice. Thanks to its super-large space, luxurious trimmings and intelligent configurations surpassing the same-class competitors, the model does bring me the first-class driving/riding experience. I will tell my family members and friends so that they know my feeling and the quality of Chery.

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