Tiggo 7 Pro Max Lands in SA for Chery’s Second Birthday Celebration

27 November 2023

Introducing the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max

As the champions of more, Chery South Africa is proud to announce a new addition to the TIGGO 7 Pro range, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max.

Engineered for every adventure, the TIGGO 7 Pro Max provides the option of a versatile all-wheel drive model and two-wheel drive model, while offering drivers the flexibility of choosing from six intelligent driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, Snow, Muddy, and Off-Road.

Making its debut on South African soil, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max takes the renowned TIGGO 7 Pro range to unprecedented heights, presenting drivers with world-class technology, the option of an exceptional all-wheel drive performance, and a refreshed, standout design.

The TIGGO 7 Pro series has already garnered remarkable success, with over 450,000 units sold globally in the past year with an impressive 100,000 units attributed to the New TIGGO Pro Max alone!

Setting a new standard in automotive excellence, the TIGGO 7 Pro Max undergoes more than 20 meticulous optimisations, spanning interior and exterior design, body and chassis structure, as well as materials. This commitment underscores Chery’s dedication to delivering an unmatched driving experience, further solidifying its presence in the dynamic automotive landscape of South Africa.

A New Design That Will Turn Heads

Chery’s world class designers refused to settle for a mere touch up when designing the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max. They demanded more than just increased performance and luxury; they crafted a unique visual style that would make the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max a true standout.

Adding to the exterior masterpiece is a bold, new grille, boasting an accentuated diamond pattern. Crafted from a dark gloss black polycarbonate weave, its embellished with chrome, diamond-shaped highlights, fashioning an utterly distinctive and captivating front design.

But that’s not all. The lower sill and side intakes have undergone a transformation, resulting in a commanding road presence that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. The new “Angel Wings” LED headlamps are an artful triumph of three-dimensional design.

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max takes pride in its unique LED light-up sequence, both in the front and rear. As the sensors detect the key in hand, its LED lights perform a welcoming symphony of light, evoking a sense of occasion every time the driver approaches the vehicle.

Visual upgrades extend to the 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, with an elegant deep-dish pattern on the 2WD model, with the all-wheel drive model flaunting an even larger 19-inch rim.

To top it off, the powered tailgate plays host to the inspiring vehicle-wide LED light strip, a hallmark of the TIGGO 7 Pro range. With such meticulous attention to detail, Chery has truly outdone itself in making the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max an unforgettable SUV.

An Interior Masterclass

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max is a true revolution in automotive design and technology, built to redefine the in-car experience, elevating every adventure the driver embarks on.

The cabin is illuminated in ambient light courtesy of a stepless LED light ring, which stretches from end-to-end, offering a spectrum of 64 captivating hues to create an immersive ambiance. The star of the dashboard is the 24.6-inch curved hyperboloid immersive screen that provides an ultra-high-definition display. This screen is the hub for information including climate controls and a wealth of entertainment options, including wired and wireless Apple CarPlay2, Offline Navigation, as well as Android Auto, offering an advanced level of connectivity and convenience.

The control centre has been redesigned to provide a seamless and intuitive experience. With a short-travel, light-touch gear lever and a selection knob for swift changes in driving mode, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max places control at your fingertips, allowing for a smooth and responsive all-wheel drive.

Luxury and comfort take centre stage with the inclusion of one-piece, perforated leather sport front seats, now equipped with electric adjustment for a personalised fit. Tailored comfort is enhanced with the heated and ventilated driver and front seats, alongside the driver memory seat. While the premium 8-speaker SONY sound system offers an immersive auditory experience, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your journey.

Breathing fresh air has never been this satisfying, thanks to the enhanced air conditioning system, equipped with N95-level (pm 2.5) air purification capabilities. For the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max in Executive trim, the automatic quality control system (AQS) goes above and beyond by offering negative ion air purification, ensuring the cleanest in-cabin air quality.

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max comes packed with exceptional features that Chery enthusiasts have come to expect, including an automated rear luggage door that opens when the driver approaches, dual-zone automatic climate control, “Hello Chery” Intelligent Voice Commands for effortless control, a vast panoramic sunroof covering over 1.1 square meters with an additional dark sunshade, and a state-of-the-art camera array that employs AI technology to provide a comprehensive view around the vehicle when needed. The wireless phone charging feature has been upgraded from 15W to an impressive 50W, ensuring rapid charging times for your devices.

Chery’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation shines brightly in every facet of the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max, setting a new standard for the in-car experience.

Safety Features You Can Depend On

Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a core value embedded in the DNA of this extraordinary vehicle.

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of standard safety features that are designed to provide peace of mind for drivers and passengers. In particular, this model boasts an impressive eight airbags, a notable upgrade from the six airbags in the standard TIGGO 7 Range.

Safety doesn’t stop at the airbags. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max ensures an even higher level of safety with the inclusion of ABS brakes and electronic stability control, all of which work together to create a protective cabin for occupants.

For those who seek the pinnacle of safety, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max Executive raises the bar further with its level 2.5 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The ADAS system in this model introduces an astonishing array of 17 intelligent safety features, a testament to Chery’s dedication to keeping drivers and passengers secure. These features include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Rear Collision Warning (RCW), Driver Monitoring System (DMS) on the Executive 4WD model, Multi-Collision Brake (MCB) and Lane Change Assist (LCA).

With these advanced safety features, the New TIGGO 7 Pro Max not only meets but surpasses the stringent safety standards set by the most exacting crash-testing authorities, including the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), the Australian NCAP, and the rigorous Asian NCAP.

More Power

In the world of Max, power reigns supreme. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max is no exception, powered by Chery’s remarkable 1.6 TGDI turbo-petrol ATECO engine, a true engineering marvel that roars to life with 145kW and 290Nm of torque. The insignia of this power is proudly displayed on the rear boot lid in the form of the 290T logo.

Chery’s dedication to engineering excellence is evident in the accolades they’ve earned. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max’s powertrain is part of a distinguished line-up of Chery engines that emerged victorious in the prestigious China Heart competition for the most efficient engines.

But power is only half the story. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max pairs this impressive engine with a dual clutch seven-speed transmission. For the 2WD models, this delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and a power delivery that’s nothing short of exhilarating. AWD models receive power to all wheels, ensuring a commanding and responsive drive, making every journey a thrilling adventure. The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max is your ideal travel companion, offering unparalleled comfort for your entire family. From city streets to rugged trails, its versatile capabilities ensure an impressive and comfortable journey no matter the terrain.

Celebrating Chery’s Second Birthday with the Unveiling of the TIGGO 7 Pro Max

This week, Chery proudly hosted a group of handpicked media guests for an exhilarating test drive of the TIGGO 7 Pro Max. Against the scenic backdrop of the Western Cape coast, the adventurous journey spanned both tar and dirt roads, showcasing the exceptional performance and versatility of the vehicle.
Adding to the excitement, Chery marked its second birthday with a special evening which included key South African customers. The celebration included Lions guest Rudolf Straeuli, CEO of the Lions Rugby, and Pieter Burger, Managing Director of Ellis Park Stadium. As a highlight of the evening, Chery honoured the Lions and Chery partnership, underscoring the brand’s commitment to fostering lasting collaborations.

As Chery enters its third year in South Africa, the brand remains dedicated to delivering innovative and world-class vehicles to its customers. The TIGGO 7 Pro Max stands as a testament to what is to come in the next 12 months.

The wait is over!

The TIGGO 7 Pro MAX in two-wheel drive is available immediately at dealers across South Africa. Pre-orders for the AWD models are now open. Customers who book now will receive R5000 when they take delivery of their vehicles in January 2024.

For those yearning for the thrill of the all-wheel drive models, we invite you to visit your local Chery dealer. Here, you’ll experience the power of the Pro Max firsthand, and an exclusive opportunity to be among the first to pre-order it.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Every model comes with a 5-year / 60,000 km service plan, along with Chery’s renowned 1-million-kilometre / 10-year engine warranty, a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to support its customers in their journeys.

Lions Rugby is proudly driven by Chery this season. The 1st home game showcased star players being driven around the field to kick off this exciting new partnership.

Commenting on this partnership, Ellis Park Stadium Managing Director Pieter Burger, said it was encouraging to see corporate brands aligning themselves with sport in an incredibly challenging economic environment.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be aligned with an international vehicle brand such as Chery. With the sponsorship landscape being a challenge due to budget constraints, we are glad that Chery saw value in associating themselves with the Lions in what will in no doubt be an exciting journey for both brands.”

The New TIGGO 7 Pro Max Range Includes:

• TIGGO 7 Pro Max Distinction 2WD – R529,900
• TIGGO 7 Pro Max Executive 2WD – R559,900
• TIGGO 7 Pro Max Executive AWD – R609,900

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