Warm the employment season: Chery listed among “China Best Employer Award- Campus Recruitment Cases”

4 June 2020

The top 100 list of “2020 China Best Employer Award-Campus Recruitment Cases” has recently been released. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. was selected into the list for the second straight year due to its outstanding campus recruitment performance amid the epidemic.

Initiated by Zhaopin, a leading talent recruiting platform, “China Best Employer Award-Campus Recruitment Cases” aims to explore the key points connecting campus recruitment brands to universities on an independent and objective ground, through a professional and scientific investigation and selection, offer university students effective “good employer” and “good work” references, and provide more outstanding cases and practical experience for employer brand building. This year over 1,400 enterprises entered the award. Apart from Chery, other renowned enterprises like Lenovo, JD and Coca-Cola are on the list.

Affected by the epidemic, China’s employment situation has become grimmer. This year 8.74 million university students are expected to graduate, up 400,000 from last year. Due to the increase in the number of graduates and the impact of the epidemic, offline job fairs have been postponed. This year graduates will face the toughest graduation season ever. To stabilize graduate employment, Chery promptly introduced innovative means such as online two-way job fair, live video job fair and employee alumni resources after the epidemic, to address graduate employment in the special period.

Besides, Chery did not forget the students that postponed returning to universities and will graduate in 2020. In the early spring, Chery pushed the knowledge of epidemic prevention by e-mail, telephone and WeChat to deliver care to every student; in the early summer, Chery frequently contacted signed students to inquire about their progress of dissertation writing and graduation time. Given that some students may delay in graduation and reporting, Chery handled special cases in special ways and a humanized manner. Teachers and students voted overwhelmingly for Chery because of its outstanding performance in campus recruitment.

Chery has established the ideal and faith of “serving the country through industry” since its founding. Over the 23 years, it has performed the social responsibility of stabilizing social employment by creating direct jobs for nearly 50,000 people, gathering over 870 automotive and automotive parts manufacturers in Wuhu to create some 150,000 jobs in the upstream and downstream sectors of the automobile industry, and creating over 10,000 jobs abroad.

Besides, to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on local employment, Chery accelerated production resumption and develop new business fields amid the epidemic, to ensure labor use and avoid mass unemployment caused by the epidemic. Next Chery will continue to perform social responsibility, create more social value through its mature human resources management system, help to secure employment after the epidemic and warm the employment season by actual action.

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