Art in Motion – the Chery OMODA 5

1 December 2021
  • OMODA 5 reveals Art in Motion design language
  • Platform is future proof and ready for all propulsion technologies
  • New crossover confirmed for global release, including SA, Europe and Australia

Chery has lifted the veil off the production version of its much-anticipated OMODA5 Crossover SUV – and it is destined for South Africa.

The new OMODA 5 was unveiled to great applause at Auto Guangzhou 2021. It introduces a new design language for Chery and symbolises its ambition to create vehicles that successfully cross over between stunning design, leading technology and a truly rewarding driving experience.

Art in Motion

One of the main reasons for the very positive reception of the OMODA 5 is its bold and beautiful design language that deviates little from the first concept models that Chery penned to showcase the Art in Motion design language.

“There are few other industries that have the opportunity to combine beautiful design and mechanical performance like the automotive industry,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager, Chery South Africa.

“Unfortunately, motorists who have been enticed by beautiful and futuristic designs from motor shows are left with very watered-down designs when these designs reach the showroom floor. We are changing that with models like the OMODA 5.”

At the heart of the Art in Motion design philosophy is the idea that a design that is functional can also be incredibly beautiful. And the design has to be touched and seen from outside and experienced behind the wheel.

As such, the OMODA 5 has extremely smooth lines that appear almost liquid, while also introducing a few design firsts to the crossover segment.

These design firsts include a smart play between light and shadow in the flowing and integrated diamond matrix grille that is seamlessly integrated into the front design and that flows almost imperceptibly to the split front LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

The same applies to the glasshouse, where the smooth integration between the front windscreen and glossy A-pillars creates a borderless design that is repeated on the side windows and at the rear.

The flowing lines continue unbroken across the side profile and terminate in two distinct rear wings, one at the edge of the roofline and another that integrates the arrow-shaped rear lights. These were designed to lead the eye beyond the vehicle itself and create a promise of movement and an invitation to the driver to get behind the wheel.

Colour blocking

In another page from Chery’s book on Art in Motion is the tasteful and unique use of colour blocking on the exterior design.

A contrasting or complementary second colour is used to highlight some of the most characterful lines to create a bit of visual tension with the otherwise flowing design. This can be seen in the strong line below the doors, in the highlights on the slim side mirrors, in the wheels and, depending on the model, in the flowing roofline and uppermost spoiler.

Welcome inside

The interior of the OMODA 5 promises to be a treat for the eyes as much as the exterior is.

Two integrated and curved 10.25” high-definition digital screens take centre stage and will provide all vehicle and entertainment information, while also offering easy and intuitive controls of driving, comfort and entertainment settings.

The driver and front passenger can expect integrated sport front seats. As is the standard with all Chery vehicles, the cabin will offer a comprehensive list of the most modern technologies and creature comforts.

Every and any power source

One of the clearest indications of Chery’s ambition to become a technological leader is not immediately visible from outside or inside the cabin.

The OMODA 5 platform, being one of the first new models to ride on Chery’s next generation architecture, is immediately ready for both internal combustion engines and new-generation propulsion, such as hybrid, electric or hydrogen systems.

This new platform honours the promise made by Chery of advancing all types of propulsion technologies, including petrol, diesel and electric power.

The OMODA 5’s platform also meets global 5-star safety ratings, proving that performance and adaptability do not have to come at the expense of safety or structural integrity.

“It is very heartening to know that the OMODA 5, like every other new Chery, will be future-proof and that we can support every type of customer requirement, whether that is for powerful and frugal petrol and diesel engines or for quiet and comfortable electric or other propulsion systems,” says Liu.

The Chery OMODO 5 is expected in South Africa in late-2022.


For more information, contact:

Bianca van Staden

Brand Manager – Chery South Africa

082 451 1999

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