Chery Tiggo 8 Selected as Best Entry-Level Medium and Large SUV as Result of Customer Satisfaction Survey

20 May 2020

The China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (CATARC) has recently released the results of the survey on customer satisfaction in China’s automobile industry from 2019 to 2020. As a result, Chery Tiggo was selected as the “Best Entry-Level Medium and Large SUV” (2019-2020) for its outstanding product power, as well as professional and considerate services.

Chery Tiggo 8 ranks among top three

Since starting in 2012, the survey on customer satisfaction in China’s automobile industry, conducted by CATARC, has been positioned as an objective and fair third-party platform. The annual survey covers 140 evaluation items, targets over 20,000 consumers in nearly 40 cities, and releases results to the whole industry. CATARC comprehensively evaluates vehicles from multiple dimensions such as product satisfaction, service satisfaction, sales satisfaction and after-sales service satisfaction to make it undoubtedly authoritative, and evaluation results are of great reference and guiding significance to automakers and consumers.

The 2019-2020 survey involves nearly 40 automakers and over 130 best-selling vehicles in China. Tiggo 8 was ranked among the top three on the entry-level medium and large SUV satisfaction list with a high score of 795 points far above average industrial satisfaction, showing customers’ high recognition of Tiggo 8’s product performance, sales service and after-sales service, as well as its tremendous comprehensive strength and competitiveness.

Core factor 1 of high satisfaction: Customer-oriented product improvement

Product experience catering to consumers, as well as customer-oriented performance and quality improvement are the key to the high satisfaction of Tiggo 8.

Many SUV customers favor the driving fun of SUVs generated by tremendous power, and long for an economical, utility and fuel-efficient perfect vehicle. Tiggo 8 features “huge space”, “high comfort” and superior power. Chery boasts world leading engine technologies and processes. As China’s first fully independent engine, Chery 1.6TGDI engine was listed among “China Heart” Ten Best Engines 2019, one of the world’s three major engine selections. Tiggo 8 features multiple powertrain combinations catering to global customers’ needs, and offers global customers an extraordinary driving experience by its benchmarking powertrain technology.

In the era of mobile intelligent connection, consumers naturally have as high requirements for vehicle quality and playability as they have for mobility. In terms of interior, Tiggo 8 has a rich favor of life and a strong sense of tech. Besides, it carries Bosch’s new-generation ESP9.3, aerial view panoramic super definition rear view camera and other leading intelligent systems.

Core factor 2 of high satisfaction: More convenient, professional and considerate services

Also behind customer satisfaction is Chery’s years of concentration on service improvement. In 2006, Chery launched its first independent automotive service brand-“Fun & Fast” with advanced service awareness. Over the 14 years, based on customer needs, Chery has perfected service channels and kept improving overall services with ingenuity, to create more convenient, professional and considerate services for customers.

To serve customers more conveniently and professionally, Chery has taken a series of measures to further improve service quality with its service advantage secured. For example, to provide more convenient services, Chery has continued to deepen network development, provided door-to-door services 10,000 times, worked with renowned carriers and created a “1+7” spare parts network to further enhance service response and timeliness. To provide more professional services, Chery has worked out a more rigorous talent selection mechanism to further improve the level of service staff, and accelerated hardware upgrading to better meet customer needs.

To provide more considerate services, Chery has accelerated storefront renewal and upgrading, renovated customer lounges and children’s play areas in stores, rearranged green plants, redesigned and added soft partitions, in the hope of making customers feel at home.

Customer satisfaction is the highest recognition of products and brands. With the entry of the Chinese auto market into the era of stock competition, customer orientation has become more important than ever. It is believed that Tiggo 8 will further grow in market reputation and sales as long as it continues to be rooted in customers and meet customer needs.

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